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Dr. S.V. Dinesh
Professor & Head
The Department of Civil Engineering has been in existence since the inception of SIT in 1963. It has grown into a full fledged Department with specializations in all the major areas of Civil Engineering.The academic programmes offered by the Department are B. E. in Civil Engineering, M.Techs, M.Sc. Engg (by research) and Ph.D.
The Departmental activities include teaching at UG & PG levels and career counseling for our students.
In addition to academic activities, the Department is involved in research and development work and offers consultancy and technical services to industry and society. With the introduction of PG programs and recognition of the Department as VTU research centre the focus of the Department widened to PG studies and research in addition to UG activities. Faculty members are encouraged to upgrade their qualifications and improve their knowledge base. With SIT becoming an autonomous institution under VTU in the year 2007 curricula have been updated on a continuous basis to meet the needs of industry. Recently the Department has adopted outcome based assessment system. 70% of the graduating students are placed in industry and 30% pursue higher studies. The Alumni of the Department are employed in academic institutions, industry, and government organizations in different states of the country and abroad and many of them have occupied prestigious positions. Our Department is recognized as one of the best Civil Engineering Departments in the state of Karnataka.
Vision of the Department
To become a premier Civil Engineering Department offering excellent engineering education in design methods and advanced technologies to the students, to pursue research in thrust areas and to offer professional services to the society.
Mission of the Department
The Department is committed to develop competent professionals by offering need based curriculum in Civil Engineering areas, promoting research and innovation to prepare the students for higher study, life-long learning and societal responsibility. The department is also committed to provide good learning environment to develop professional ethics and skills in our students and to provide engineering services to the society.
  • To accomplish the academic success of all the students
  • To strive for the campus recruitment of all our graduates
  • To ensure majority of faculty members pursue Doctoral studies
  • To undertake R&D projects and offer consultancy and technical services
  • To enhance Industry-Institute-Interaction activities
  • To continuously upgrade the physical and laboratory infrastructure
Designation Number
Professors 05
Visiting Professors 01
Research Professors 01
Associate Professors 09
Assistant Professors 07
Head of the Department
Faculty Name: Dr. S V Dinesh
Designation: Professor & Head
Email: dineshsv2004@yahoo.co.in
Contact No: (0)0816-221 4027/4024, +91 9449852695
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Earthquake geotechnical engineering, Numerical modeling of geomaterials, Pavement: materials, evaluation and design, Seismic vulnerability, Ground improvement
Faculty Name: Dr. P H Shivaprakash
Designation: Professor
Email: pattreshiva@gmail.com
Contact No: (O) 0816-221 4030, (R) 0816-2276176
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Geo Informatics

Faculty Name: Dr. K P Shivananda
Designation: Professor
Email: kpshivanand@gmail.com
Contact No: 9845275252 (O) 0816-2214002
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Concrete composites and nano-composites as wood substitutes

Faculty Name: Dr. N M Thipperudrappa
Designation: Professor
Email: nmtrudrappa_sit1985@rediffmail.com
Contact No: 9916139725
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Water Resources

Faculty Name: Dr. Nandeesha
Designation: Professor
Email: ndeesha@rediffmail.com
Contact No: (O)0816-2214063, (R)0816-2291165
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Groundwater quality analysis
Visiting Professor
Faculty Name: Dr. T Gangadaraiah
Designation: Visiting Professor
Email: tganga@iitk.ac.in
Contact No: 9448603761
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Sediment transport and erosion studies
Research Professor
Faculty Name: Dr. J K Dattattreya
Designation: Research Professor
Email: jk.dattatreya@gmail.com
Contact No: (0)0816-2214164, 9964888866
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Alternative binder systems for concrete, Cement replacement materials, Pavement analysis, Analysis of high rise structures
Associate Professors
Faculty Name: M N Shivakumar
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: mnshivkumar@hotmail.com
Contact No: (0) 0816-2274005,  9845872092
Qualification: M.E.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Highway Engineering

Faculty Name: S M Maheswarappa
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: smmaheshwarappa@hotmail.com
Contact No: (R)0816-2279174, 9632959469
Qualification: M.E.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Structures

Faculty Name: S Suresh
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: siddalingaiah.suresh@gmail.com
Contact No: (O)0816-2214030, 98454540729
Qualification: M.E.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Concrete composites, Bridges, Sustainable materials

Faculty Name: Mallikarjuna Hiremath
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: hiremath5920@gmail.com
Contact No: 9743447562
Qualification: M.E.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Transportation Engineering

Faculty Name: Dr. G Veerappa Devaru
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: gv_devaru@yahoo.com
Contact No: 8105039682
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Erosion studies

Faculty Name: B G Shivaprakash
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: bgshivaprakash@yahoo.com
Contact No: 9448073668
Qualification: M.E.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Geo technical engineering, Soil dynamics, Ground response analysis

Faculty Name: Dr. T S Umesha
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: t_s_umesha@yahoo.co.in
Contact No: (O) 0816-2214025, 9844416059
Qualification: Ph.D.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Soil pollutant interaction, Ground improvement

Faculty Name: K M Mallesh
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: malleshkm@rediffmail.com
Contact No: 9900923722
Qualification: M.E.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Pavement materials

Faculty Name: G S Shashidhar
Designation: Associate Professor
Email: gsssit@hotmail.com
Contact No: 9886241218
Qualification: M.E.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Construction Technology
Assistant Professors
Faculty Name: H Devasharma
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: hdevasharma@yahoo.co.in
Contact No: (0)0816-2214025, 9343001522
Qualification: M.Tech.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Environmental Engineering

Faculty Name: M S Ravikumar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: ravims63@gmail.com
Contact No: 9448951213
Qualification: M.Tech.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Cement replacement materials

Faculty Name: Muttana S Balreddy
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: msb@sit.ac.in
Contact No: 9986692622
Qualification: M.Tech.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Liquefaction and post liquefaction of geo materials

Faculty Name: Siddesha H M
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: siddeshahsit@gmail.com
Contact No: 9740120265
Qualification: M.Tech.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Structural health monitoring

Faculty Name: Ashwin K N
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: meetashwink@yahoo.com
Contact No: 9743296296
Qualification: M.Tech.
Area of Interest / Specialisation:  Bridge deck analysis

Faculty Name: N Nanjundappa
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: nanjundappa60@gmail.com
Contact No: 9845468920
Qualification: M.Tech.
Area of Interest / Specialisation: Alternative binder systems for concrete

Faculty Name: Mamatha K H
Designation: Assistant Professor
Email: mamathakh@sit.ac.in
Contact No: +91 98445 10710
Qualification: M.Tech.
Area of Interest / Specialisation:  
Staff Name Qualification Working Area
A G Umaprasad
(O)0816-2214028, 9845364980
D.C.E. -
H M Lokesh
Computer Operator
(O)0816-2214027, 9844901484
D.C.Sc. & E. -
Prema S
M.Tech. -
T R Rajendra
(O)0816-2214021, 8453539731
D.C.Sc. & E. -
N. S. Rajalakshmi
97398 51658
B.E -
A B Rajashekaraiah
V Narasimhaiah
Technical Helper
G. Siddalingaswamy
Technical Helper
8th Std. -
R S Somashekara
C B Basavannappa
Technical Helper
S L Hemanthakumar
Technical Helper
B.A. -
L Dinesh
Technical Helper
Experimental Facilities
  1. Cyclic Triaxial testing facility
  2. Repeated load test facility (RLT)
  3. Seismic Cone penetromenter (SCPT)
  4. Field Cone Penetrometer Test facility
  5. Rapid Chloride Permeability Test (RCPT) apparatus
  6. Accelerated Electro-Chemical Corrosion test facility
  7. High Speed Data acquisition system
  8. 250 kg capacity pan mixer
  9. Dynamic Shear Rheometer
  10. Bump integrator
  11. Model tank for foundation and pavement studies
  12. Large scale flume for erosion and scour studies
  13. Total Stations
  14. UTMs
  15. Mini Shake table and DEWE soft data acquisition system
  16. Geotextile and geosynthetics test facilities
Computational Facilities
  1. Two full fledged computer laboratories with 40 PCs in each laboratory
  2. Licensed version of the following software with multiple user options
    1. SAP
    2. E-tabs
    3. Stad Pro
    4. PFC 2D
    5. Geo Studio

Laboratory Facilities
The department has excellent facilities for teaching, research and consultancy activities in various laboratories. The laboratories in the department are as follows.
Structural Engineering Laboratories
  1. Strength of Materials Laboratory
  2. Concrete Laboratory
  3. Structures Laboratory
  4. Dynamics Laboratory
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratories
  1. Geotechnical laboratory
  2. Advanced Geotechnical laboratory
  3. Geo-textile and Geosynthetics laboratory

Transportation Engineering Laboratories
  1. Highway Materials Laboratory
  2. Pavement Evaluation Laboratory
Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
Survey Laboratory
Under Graduate
B.E. Civil Engineering 4 years Scheme
B.E. Civil Engineering III & IV sem 2015-2016 Scheme/Syllabus
B.E. Civil Engineering V & VI sem 2015-2016 Scheme/Syllabus
B.E. Civil Engineering VII & VIII sem 2015-2016 Scheme/Syllabus
Post Graduate
M.Tech.(Structural Engineering) 2 years Scheme
M.Tech.(Transportation Engineering & Management) 2 years Scheme
Programme Educational Objectives
  • Graduates of the program will practice Engineering profession as competent professionals using state-of-the-art knowledge and technical skills.
    [Theme: Practice Engineering profession as competent professionals]
  • Graduates of the program will excel in higher education and pursue life-long learning.
    [Theme: Higher education and life-long learning]
  • Graduates of the program will exhibit leadership qualities, communication skills and team spirit.
    [Theme: Communication and team work]
  • Graduates of the program will practice their profession with social and ethical responsibilities.
    [Theme: Initiated to Society and ethical practice]
  • To provide exposure to recent advances in the field of civil engineering.
Programme Outcomes
  • Outcome will have in depth knowledge of mathematics (through differential equations; probability and statistics; calculus) Science (physics; and general chemistry) and fundamentals of Engineering and Student will be able apply this knowledge to solve Engineering problems and design of components. [short title: Mathematics, Science and Engineering knowledge]
  • Outcome will be able to design and conduct experiments and to critically analyze and interpret experimental data on Civil Engineering materials/components/systems [ short title: CE Experiments ] ]
  • Outcome will be able to design an engineering component/system, to meet the needs as well as constraints related to economy, environment, safety and sustainability through design experiences acquired through the curriculum [ short title: Design ]
  • Outcome will be able to function as an individual and as a team member on multi-disciplinary tasks, that must integrate contributions from different areas of engineering towards the solution of multi-disciplinary projects, [short title: Teams ]
  • Outcome will be able to identify, research, formulate, analyse, model and solve Civil engineering problems, [short title: CE Engineering Problems ]
  • Outcome will have an understanding of professional and ethical practice issues in civil engineering [short title: professional and ethical responsibility]
  • Outcome will communicate effectively [short title: Communication]
  • Outcome will have the broad understanding of the possible impact of civil engineering solutions on the regional/global scenario in the context of global, environmental and sustainable issues [short title: Global, environmental and Sustainable problems]
  • Outcome will recognize the need for life-long learning, [short title: life-long learning]
  • Outcome will have the knowledge of contemporary issues such as societal, legal, cultural, safety and health and their impact on civil engineering profession as they relate to civil engineering problems and solutions [short title: Contemporary issues and Societal problem ]
  • Outcome will be able to adopt/use the techniques, skills, and modern tools necessary for civil engineering practice. [short title: CE techniques, skills, and modern tools]
  • Outcome will have the knowledge of principles of project management and finance and will be able to apply this to Engineering projects [Short title: Project management]
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M.Tech. Theses
Dr. S.V. Dinesh
Professor and Head
Department of Civil Engineering, SIT, Tumkur
Prof. P H Shivaprakash
Professor Professor and Programme Accreditation Coordinator
Department of Civil Engineering, SIT, Tumkur
K.G. Rangaraju
Former Associate Vice-Chancellor
IIT, Roorkee
Dr. M Manjuprasad
Senior Principal Scientist
Structures Division
NAL, Bengaluru
Mr. Ravishankar
RMC India Pvt. Ltd
Mr. Ashok Hadimani
Prof. M S Amarnath
Dept. of Civil Engg. UVCE
Mr. H B Mallesh
Assistant Executive Engineer
Irrigation Department
Govt. of Karnataka.
Prof. T Gangadharaiah
Emeritus Professor
Dept. of Civil Engg.
Prof. J K Dattatreya
Research Professor
Dept. of Civil Engg.
Mr. S M Maheswarappa
Associate Professor
Dept. of Civil Engg.
Mr. M N Shivakumar
Associate Professor
Department of Civil Engineering
The department is recognized as research centre by VTU to offer MSc (Engg) and Ph.D. degrees.
Areas of Research
  • Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (Liquefaction studies, Dynamic properties,Seismic vulnerability and Ground response analysis)
  • Numerical modeling of geo-materials by Discrete Element Method
  • Cement replacement materials
  • Alternative binder systems for concrete
  • Ground improvement and Soil pollutant Interaction
  • Pavements: Materials, testing, evaluation and design
  • Bridge deck analysis and high rise structures
  • Sediment Transport and erosion studies
Sponsored Research Projects    Click here
Research Groups
Geotechnical and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering:Numerical and Constitutive modeling of geo-materials, Experimental evaluation of liquefaction potential, Earthquake-induced slope failure, Seismic soil-structure interaction, Ground response analysis of shallow and Deep soils, Evaluation of dynamic soil properties.
Building Materials:Utility and performance of Building materials, alternative binder materials for accelerated concrete (FA, GGBS,SF etc.), geopolymers, alternative fine and coarse aggregates (blast furnace slag, copper slag and manufactured sand).
Geo-environment and Ground Improvement:Soil stabilization, Soil pollution interaction, Strength prediction.
Seismic Analysis and Design:Seismic soil-structure-interaction, Seismic risk assessment, Performance-based design, dam safety under seismic conditions.
Bridges and High rise Structures:Skew slab bridge decks, Elevated railway bridges, railway tunnels, high rise steel and RCC structures, wind and seismic analysis.
Hydraulics:River training works, Erosion and Scour studies, modeling of canal outlets.
Pavement Engineering:Characterization of bituminous mix, rheological characteristics of bitumen, mix design and recycling, analysis of pavement structure, optimal pavement design, pavement evaluation, pavement rehabilitation strategies.
  • Consultancy for sub-soil characteristics for foundation design for civil infrastructure
  • Geotechnical characterization of pavement materials for road construction and Geomaterials for civil works.
  • Seismic safety analysis of slopes and dams
  • Quality auditing of bridges using non-destructive and semi-destructive tests
  • Testing and evaluation of building blocks and pavers
  • Concrete mix design studies
  • Verification of structural design and load testing of structural members
  • Pavement: Material characterization, evaluation and design
  • Water Quality assessment
  • Feasibility studies related to Water supply and Irrigation
  • QA and QC of Civil Works
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Visited Compines
  • Ernst and Young
  • KNK Nexgen Construction Private Limited
  • Larsen and Toubro Limited ECC Division
  • Mindtree Consulting Private Limited
  • Nagarjuna Construction Company
  • Soma Enterprises
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Wipro Technologies Limited
  • Adarsh Solutions
  • Accenture Services Private Limited
  • Musigma Business Solutions Private Limited
  • Strata Geo Systems India Private Limited
  • E to E Transportation Infrastructure Private Limited
  • JMC Project India Limited
  • Infosys Limited
  • Tech Mahindra Limited
  • Megha Enigineering and Infrastructure
  • Tesco Hindustan Service
Sl.No. Year %
01 2010-11 74
02 2011-12 64
03 2012-13 33
04 2013-14 37
05 2014-15 27 (ongoing)
Project Report Guidelines Documents
Students are informed to submit project report copy each to the concerned guide, project co-ordinator and department library and retain a copy with them.
Major project report shall be hard binded (Gray color) and mini project report shall be spiral binded (transparent sheet in front and gray color sheet in back).
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Sample Project report format    Click here to Download
Accrediation Report